Why I do makeup

Why do I do makeup? For many different reasons. I can be creative. I can create whatever I want. I can transform someone. I can enhance natural features. It’s never the same. Many, many reasons. I love that I can do whatever I want, seriously anything. No one is telling me what I can and can’t do. And if they try, I don’t have to listen. It’s my creative outlet. Which leads me to my next point.

When I get stressed, or I just need a break from my everyday tasks be that work or things at home, whatever it may be, I can sit down and escape for 45 min to an hour and do my makeup. Some people may think that’s a waste of time or a pain to take that long to do your makeup; but here’s the thing, I don’t do a full face of makeup on a daily basis. I do it for special occasions, or when I’m bored, or when I feel inspired. That chunk of time in my day is my escape. It’s relaxing for me. Just like reading, writing, music, sports, video games, etc. is an escape for other people. And it’s fun!

Processed with VSCO
Processed with VSCO

When I wear a lot of makeup, some people say “It’s fake” or “it doesn’t look natural”. My response: “It’s not supposed to look natural.” When I create different makeup looks that are on the heavy side like the picture to the left, it’s for fun! It’s fun, period! I love to do it! Most of the time when I create makeup looks like this one, I sit down with general idea of what I want to create but no set game-plan. So I set all my makeup up in front of me and just start creating. That’s what’s so great, no two makeup looks are the same!

Alright, enough about me! I also love doing makeup for other people for plenty of reasons. The biggest one probably being I love how it makes someone feel! When you apply makeup to someone, and you see their reaction afterwards; they have a natural glow about them because they feel pretty and pampered! Especially when I apply it to someone who doesn’t normally wear makeup so it’s a treat for them! That’s when it’s really exciting!

For example, Alexa doesn’t normally wear makeup, and if she does it’s not a lot. She doesn’t need to wear it either. She is beautiful! She has flawless skin, gorgeous eyes, and prominent features. But for her graduation she wanted something a little extra. So she asked if I could do her makeup for her but keep it very natural. This is what I came up with. IMG_20160611_180001As you can see, I kept it very natural and just accentuated her features. It was just what she needed to feel extra special or her graduation day!

In short, I love makeup because it’s fun; I can be creative; I can make others feel special, or pretty, or pampered, and I enjoy it!

Have something coming up that you need your makeup done for? Or do you just want the chance to feel pampered? Email me at lindseywillett16@gmail.com and we’ll set something up! I would love to get the chance to make you feel special!

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